Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Nascar queered.

Have a look at some of the comments at the imdb page here: “Who else had their entire audience leave during that kiss?”


Australia will not get it for some time, it looks like the end of September, but the trailer is available online. All north-American readers should go straight to the cinema.

It has some seriously gut-renching funny scenes. Including the one set in a bar where we are first introduced to the French race car driver (played by Ali G’s Sacha Cohen). This scene is definitely in my top ten movie moments of all time.

The hyper masculine machismo and homosocial relations of professional motorsport are turned on their head in all their homoerotic insecurity. Michael Clark Duncan as a crew chief in Nascar? Right… Plus redneck fundy religion cops it… And the two sons of main character Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) are named Walker and Texas Ranger… Mercy…

Sure, some of the scenes feel like skits on a variety show and some definitely go on for too long, but if these are measured against the raw spunk of the film to line up such an ‘all-american’ institution such as Nascar for a toasting, then it has to come out on top.

I want to see this in a cinema with a car club.


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  1. too funny.

    there’s a similar comedy coming out on big wave surfers. a bloke trying to save a old person’s home for professional surfers. gunna play on all the uber cool and machismo too. should be piss funny.

    when is ricky comin’ to syderrny

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