Two More to the Blog Roll

Via Ted Striphas is the heads-up on two new blogs. 

Firstly, Gil Rodman of cultstud-L fame has started up a blog. I wrote about one of Gil’s papers here. From his blog is this video for some coffee brand not found in Australia. I think it is the equivalent of Nescafe or something. What I found interesting is that the ad atempts to personify the affects of morning (yes ‘morning’ not ‘mourning’). It ends up being some sort of freaky ‘scary clown’-type of almost-satire. It reminded me of that Michael J Fox movie about the ghosts. I can understand how through continual repetition the ad’s jingle would stay in your head; plus, there would be a nerdtastic pleasure of co-workers and housemates in acting out the ‘personified affects of morning’ through over-jubilant jack ass’ing in the morning and that kind of viral marketing hook was probably what the ad’s makers intended.

Secondly, J Macgregor Wise of Culture and Technology: A Primer co-fame (and various other things like editing the D&G special issue of Cultural Studies) has a blog up here with the rather ominous title “Ain’t Got Time to Blog”. Yes, I am writing a review of Culture and Technology: A Primer. It was due in April. Now it is monstrous. I think I will be editing it down. Maybe I’ll post the rest as notes up here.