Coffee and Writing

coffee as desiring machine?

Perhaps they are after the so-called pink dollar, but I am pretty sure they are attempting to capture the hetero female consumer. Is instant (shitty) coffee approaching the location of chocolate (as pursued in a ruthless manner by Infinite Thought who rails against chocolate without fear of retalliation from trans-national choco-military-industrial complex)? I drink shitloads of coffee. Do I figure as the magic subject of what Susan Buck-Morss would call the an/aesthetics of capitalism? On a continuum with what Virilio would call the ‘hyper-stimulated man’ in the aerobic Taylorism that seduces me with the burn/buzz? Yeah! Whoo! Work that shit.

FUCK. PHD. FINISH. (F cubed.)

I need an erotics of the PhD. I think I almost have it, the erotics, not the completed PhD. Pulling it apart and putting it back together. One of my n-sexes (along with fast cars and crazy theory stuff).

My problem now is empirical stuff. How much to put in? I think about it as evidence. Proving something. Or ‘demonstrating’ something as it is normally expressed in cultstuds or other related fields. However, much of what I read feels a little undeveloped in this regard, like in Foucault’s work for example. (Although it seems like the smaller the temporal frame the more detail is required, has anyone noticed this paradox, or is it just common sense to historians?) Anyway, so I go nuts, like most things, overboard, completely, but I don’t have time to be proving everything. I simply do not have the time resource to do it (instead I write blog posts). I need to finish, and rely more on the poetics of my intellect. I know my PhD would be better if I could pursue every line, but I am not meant to be writing a ‘good’ PhD, only one that will pass. Therefore, I only need ‘enough’ evidence. Yet, I always feel insecure… Whatever, what keeps me sane is that I know after I finish, and when someone else wants to do research in the same field, they will not have to stuff around for two and half years just trying to figure what the ‘field’ is.

I am about half done.