journal article help

If anyone has access to the Blackwell-Synergy database of the Journal of Popular Culture before 1997 could they do me a massive favour and get this article for me?

Conroy, S. S. (1983) “Popular Technology and Youth Rebellion in America” Journal of Popular Culture 16(4): 123-??

I have had the article but now I can’t find it. It is really annoying me as I have just spent about 2 hours searching the two hard disks of my computer for a PDF but the version I had could have been a photocopy sent through my university’s document delivery. I don’t have time to stuff around with the library so if no one can help me out I’ll just have to buy a copy online through the above link (for US$29 what a complete fuckin rip off, grrr…).

UPDATE: Found a print out in a box. Must have lost the PDF.