Diss Writing

Just cracked 35,000 words for my section on Street Machining, good enough time as any for a break. I have written just under 11,000 words in a week after I edited the 24,000 of this section I already had. I suspect I have about another 5,000 words to go in this section. It is only about 30% too big, not bad for a first draft by my standards. Plus I don’t continually write at this rate, it is only after much preparation.

Currently discussing transversality and the event, and the different accents of the notion of the ‘transversal’ across D&G’s work. Setting up for disscussion of Summernats and Street Machine Nationals. As a license plate on a car in Street Machine magazine once proclaimed, this is probably ‘OVAKIL’. I am pointing out the transversality of ‘transversality’ to explicate and illustrate the concept for a cultural studies of the event!

rock n roll!

PS watched the 1st ep of new TV series Heroes this morning. Not bad! Synthesis of many already existing ideas in a new medium (TV), see what it can do!