Media Events Conference!

Ien Ang just circulated a CFP for this conference on the CCR email list!

Wow, should I be happy about this or sad? lol!

Really if I want to do research on media events then I can’t really miss this conference can I? CRAP! From the complete CFP found on the conference website:

In addition, one has to take into account that media events are part of popular culture. In times of the differentiation of media technologies and the fragmentation of media landscapes as part of the ongoing process of global deregulation, the ‘eventization’ of the media is increasingly important for the marketing and everyday appropriation of popular media texts. On the one hand, many Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters, many TV shows, dailies, reality and talk shows are marketed as media events – which, in the case of formats like Big Brother or Who Wants to be A Millionaire, is done transculturally. On the other hand, ‘events’ like blockbusters or mediated concert shows offer people an opportunity for joining situative communities in individualised and fragmented societies. This kind of media event, which in many ways differs from the ritual media events described above, could be called a ‘popular media event’ as it is a main part of present popular culture. It is important to note though that these media events are not just ‘made’ by the media industry, but articulated in the interaction between media actors and everyday people.

You might say that from a biopolitical perspective there are collectively individuated transversal media events? 😉

I’d better send off an abstract

…and start saving!

…and finish my PhD!

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