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  1. the torana was heaps cooler than the commodore!

    i posted it cause there are some peeps getting about now who must not have lived through the late 1980s early 1990s when the only people dressed like this were found down at the local shopping centre arguing about who was going to carry the carton of stubbies home. Now they are getting about wearing ‘skinnies’ (tight black jeans) that are so tight they can’t get them over their respective arse humps, go to to esteemed institution of bourgeois reproduction, usyd, and are more likely to argue about lattes and not beiong able to have a conversation with someone who is listening to their iPod. Indeed, for those with no memory of the 1980s are doomed to repeat it.

    that and this bloody hoon paper is really shitting me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maybe this is supposed to be funny but I have long since stopped finding bogans funny. Rather, I think this is an excellent illustration of the arbitrariness of the bogan discourse. It’s a clumsy mish-mash of 80s nostalgia, consumerism (bogan is defined by what he wears, smokes, drives and drinks) and subcultural practices (watching sport, ‘hooning’), all pinned on this imaginary figure ‘the bogan’ and reeled off as if they self-evidently demonstrate its existence.

    Also note the effort made to get an ethnic, age and class cross-section of people to sing that they dislike him. But he seems like such an inoffensive figure.

    Bah, I wish I’d never wasted all this time thinking about bogans – except it now provides a conceptual framework for wasting time thinking about hipsters.

  3. haha, not a waste of time at all!! your ‘little bogan lost’ gets a reference in my ‘hoon’ chapter, mel!

    what is funny about this video clip is not the boganness or non-boganness of it, but the fact it has so opbviously been crafted in a specific way by what I would call proto-bourgies. They needed to distinguish themselves from the bad working-class so they can be the cool embourgeoised working-class, later to become the privileged subjects of John Howard’s middle classes. Isn’t the latest round of I’m-so-1980s-that-I-can-do-the-Thriller-dance-using-only-my-butt-cheeks an attempt to reclaim some of the perceived authenticity of these ‘bogan’ lumpen elements?

    Maybe I should work some more on my “The Hoon” the novel…

  4. For me this song, as well as ‘Himbo’, represents Area 7’s descent into rank hypocrisy. Having made their name with early hits encouraging tolerance and decency, the band came out with two songs mocking people mainly based on cultural and fashion preferences — and the easy targets of metrosexuality and boganism at that. Let them be hoist by their own petard, the 2001 single “Individuality”:

    do you really care what
    other people think about you
    does it really matter what they do
    or what they say
    you fought so hard to let ’em
    throw it all back in your face
    when their opinion never
    mattered anyway

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