A note announcing refreshments to be served at USyd this evening (just in case anyone missed it):

‘Blogging, the Nihilist Impulse’
public lecture by Geert Lovink

Tuesday 12 December, 6 – 7.30pm
Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre
Eastern Avenue Complex, University of Sydney

hosted by the Department of Media and Communication and Digital Cultures Program and the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences University of Sydney

About the event:

This lecture-presentation will consist of three parts. In the introduction Geert Lovink will give an overview of the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam which he founded in 2004, emphasizing possible Euro-Australian collaborations. He will then present the main thesis of his upcoming book ‘No Comments’, a General Theory of Blogging that investigates the ‘nihilist impulse’ behind all the ranking, linking and commenting. Blogs should not be reduced to news. Instead, the mass drift to write online diaries should be seen as a defence mechanism to zero-out mainstream media and create a space for contemplation and confession. The presentation ends with Mieke Gerritzen’s Beautiful World, a typo-theory film for which Lovink was one of the script writers.

The presentation will be followed by refreshments.

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