2000 Bloggers

I am in something called 2000 bloggers. How? I don’t know. I’m not going to link to it cause that would be playing the game, no?

Sometimes the internet is like being in love. You move from the singularities of one event of bafflement to another, but it is an ok sense of being baffled, because you realise you are alive. But then you read Vice magazine, like I did today for the first time. And you realise that Love is something dirty, like an aperitive appetition actualising the soul of a quirky middle-class webcam kid who dresses ‘cartoon’ by making colour her bitch. Yeah “whatevas” (but in a nasty, cooler-than-hard kind of way that you say to the cab driver after he has proven you do, in fact, owe him another FUCKING $2). Cynical? No, I just appreciate the accident of life for what it is. Thinking about it now is like remembering that time that woman wore that top, which made me think that she must have known that was going to happen, therefore on some level she must have wanted it to happen. It was a sunny day. Very bright. And it happened. And then it happened.

Yeah, but, seriously: 2000 bloggers, and I’m the best looking.

Ok, maybe the 5th.

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  1. for 17 year olds, in light of puff daddy’s 2004 “vote or die” campaign, which is interesting for 28 year olds in light of the old commodore 64 game “skate or die”.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skate_or_Die!


    to hear the famous music download a player here:

    to play the sid music file downloadable from the lemon64 site above.


    The sampled electric guitar and organ that were used in the music for Arcade Classics makes another appearance, this time in the title music for Skate or Die.
    According to Rob Hubbard himself, writing the Skate or Die music earned him his largest pay-packet as a C64 musician. It was probably the writing of the Skate or Die music that initiated the end of an era for C64 music. Rob Hubbard landed a full-time position at Electronic Arts and went on to write his final 3 C64 soundtracks, for the games – Kings of the Beach, One-on-One 2 and Powerplay Hockey: USA vs USSR.


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