Australia Politics Quiz

You’ve done this sort of quiz before, but most are for seppos.

Here is one apparently made by Ken Parish for the Australian context.

Here is my result.

Political outlook
Your broad political orientation score is -61.5%, which equates to a ‘Left’ position

Economic policy
Your economic policy score score is -48.7%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position

Social policy
Your social policy score is -37.5%. This equates to a ‘Centre Left’ position

Traditional values
Your traditional values score is -84.2%. This equates to a ‘Far Left’ position

In terms of political parties:
Greens 87.2%
Australian Democrats 83.3%
Labor Party 81.8%
Family First 46.7%
Liberal Party 34.9%
National Party 29.1%
One Nation 27.5%

The response from around the blogosphere so far:
Barista notes that the test indicates most people are actually on the left end of the political spectrum.

Jason Soon is speaking to his right wing blog readership:

So two different kinds of right wingers can already be identified by looking at the individual components. One type falls over the line despite socialistic leanings and the greater propensity to protect people from their own failings simply because of a greater willingness to enforce personal values in the public sphere (as opposed to simply keeping law and order), a syndrome that is shared with the moralistic left-winger who is into vegetarianism, animal liberationism and political correctness.

Wow, I am ‘left’ but not into “vegetarianism, animal liberationism and political correctness.” No, I am the sort of left-winger that has figured out “simply keeping law and order” in any case is exactly an imposition of a certain set of values on the public. I am left because I believe that the inevitable imposition of values on the public should be democratic (not simply popularist, like the current regime of dickheads). This necessarily requires a fully informed public free from the shackles of a politico-media apparatus that relies on cultivating mass stupidity.