Derrida in Love

A play. For post-‘draft phd completion’. Looking forward to it. Thanks to James for the tip!!

PS 43,000 words, cranking! Currently writing about the ‘mobile singularities’ of ‘pro-street’ ‘head turners’ in the ‘architecture of the spectacle’ of late-1980s street machining. (I made the decision to finish. So I will finish. Now, to be worthy of the event of finishing…)

4 replies on “Derrida in Love”

  1. …the impending collision of my decision to complete by 1 Feb with my actual worthiness to complete, that is. Good luck with yours, you seem supercharged and positive!

  2. luck indeed! good luck to you too!!! 🙂

    i almost cried when you posted the tag cloud thing about your phd the other day, to do that you need a complete document. but within the depths of my sorrow and misery it gave me a perspective of the crest of furious energy I am now astride. it went from needy to neechy in about 10 seconds


  3. well, if it helps, it was a tagcloud of my entire phd *except* the bits that were still missing…like a fair whack of the conclusion…hence my current nausea. but yeah, accelerate, ignore the side streets, all that!

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