old phone, new phone

godamn is that the new Bond when he was little, but with an unsually large head?

Just uploaded a bunch of photos from the huge number in my old phone as I have upgraded to a Sony Ericsson k750i. Got a 1GB memory card for it today.

Plus I dropped my iPod off to get replaced at the Apple Service in Glebe. They were very efficient about it and there was no stuffing around. I would have been very disappointed if they didn’t replace it because the only way it could have broken is from moisture getting inside and the only moisture it gets near is my sweat at the gym. As the iPod Nano is designed to be worn when doing exercise, and half the reason I got it, then I would expect them to replace it. The other reason I bought a new, expensively-priced consumer item is for the back-up service post-purchase. I am glad Apple has not let me down in this case; well so far!

So I’ll be using the phone for a while as an MP3 player until I get the iPod back.