bacio wisdom

I have been accused of having a disposition of excess generosity in the past, but I can’t help it. I yearn for a world not reliant on combating misfortune with an economy of good will.

57,000 words.

I want to write something about trembling and the cosmos, and bacio chocolate and strong coffee, and… Instead I am writing about the media event and becoming-together. The question of endurance should be levelled against everything that is consumed to get over that line, not the costs of what we let ourselves merely remember. For me the question of endurance would quickly become one of attrition as the necessary friction of acceleration. Sometimes what has been remembered to be forgotten is forgotten as a memory surfaces bathed in the harsh light like a furtive suspect questioned of her whereabouts. So, a whisper amongst the jumble: accelerate. And I try to forget.

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  1. bloody hell…have you written 10,000 words in about 3 days, or is it just my imagination? I don’t know my Deleuze, but mate, you’re a machine! A body not without organs but composed entirely of brains!

  2. nah, not all straight up writing! as I wrote last year when I started this course of action (the disturbingly titled ‘start again’ post), it is mostly disseminating and distributing, rewriting and at least editing the 120,000 odd words already written (not counting some stuff written up here that i have used!!) across about three different starts of the diss and dozens of half-written chapters. most of it is just shit. except for the nuggets of goodness from which the 57k of actual thesis words is derived. i also have 6-8,000 words of hoon chapter already done (mostly from book chapter). i have little chunks of it all mostly done. it is a question of dropping it in place (normally about 1,500 word chunks) and then editing around it and through it. sometimes i have forgotten that i have already written something like the stuff on fine and kleinman on subculture and affect and then i’ll remember and plug it in (1500 words) with an edit. i have only actually written about 12,000 in total since getting back from perth, which is still a shitload.

  3. wow, you’re really close then by the sounds. so cool.

    PS my whole thesis, including refs and biblio is only in the low 70s! But it’s very lofi. I just hope it works…

  4. 61,840

    cop that! 4000 words in four hours. lol

    i think it may be bloated again. hmmm, not sure at this stage. the intro theory chap on the event is killer, but too long and not enough detail i think. it is still heading for 80-85,000.

    how did you decide on a word limit? stop when you said everything you wanted to say?

    i wonder if it is because I am writing two dissertations. one on the event and its application as a concept, and another on modified-car culture in australia involving a history of 30 years and a year and a half fieldwork?

    double trouble dissertation! not twice as good, just twice the problems

  5. 65,589

    just under 4,000 in another 40 minutes.

    fuck it is going to be 100,000. shit. one of the reasons i started doing this was to not have some excessive thing. i guess my supers will help me.

  6. I just don’t write long, Glen, I’m one of those people I guess. If anything I write so concisely it ends up being in danger of looking dense and telegraphic to people who aren’t in my head. I keep structuring and restructuring as I go, too. The only places I wrote ‘long’ where were I forced myself to describe various case studies at length in attempt to be generous to the reader and allow them to speak for themselves a bit. Bear in mind, it has to be marked yet, so who knows if the examiners will agree with my approach and appreciate my pith! Maybe the two dissertations thing is making yours long, or maybe it’s just a Glen thing, because I probably couldn’t make a whole dissertation out of the first one to save my life. You are too good a theory nerd on the one hand, and too expert about m-c culture, on the other. That’s why it’s long, you just KNOW too much. 😉

    PS I decided it was long enough when a. it was time to stop and b. I thought I’d said everything I wanted to say, really. Lots of other past sufferers have said to me that it was the same for them as well. But I don’t think I shouldtalk about my phd in the past tense anymore, I do not want to jinx it or anger the examination gods! I will still feel ill until I get my examiners’ reports…

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