book launch, working

So the book in which I have a chapter is being launched April 4. I hope I’ll be working the event (it is at Gleebooks).

Would that be making too much of a ‘statement’?

You know, regarding the precarity of young scholars in the neo-liberal university system, the example being of such a young scholar that has to work in the bookshop on the night of their own book launch?

2 replies on “book launch, working”

  1. i reckon that’ s perfect hehe

    be careful about calling yourself a scholar … people will expect you to know … like … stuff

  2. bullshit, I am a scholar because I know exactly what I dont know. 😉

    oh and I was trying to avoid using academic because that is like a vocational thing, where scholar is more a mode of engagement. So you you could enage in a scholarly manner through a blog post, but you cant have an academic blog post (unless it was at a university blog and you were employed as an academic, and so on).

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