Rock Out with your Frock Out

For those who will be in Sydney tomorrow evening:

Drinks and foods at The Rose Hotel from about 8pm.

Then stumbling up around the corner to The Lansdowne for some and exceptionally bad but entertaining haircuts. Hyuck yeah.

We are celebrating the joyous occassion of the cosmos being graced with my presence as a rhythmic intercalary perfunctory.

EDIT: Oh, and I am on more thesis binge-bombing runs. Cracked 48,000, and will not stop (like, literally) till I hit the 50. I want 50 for tomorrow. It is all a bit crazy non-linear writing at the moment as I want to massage out the bigger kinks before sending it off to the supers. Would you believe this is the first proper thesis they will see? Fuck, I am such a bad student…

EDIT: exhausted 2am happy dances. One of the best pieces of advice that Zoe gave me a couple of years ago was that much of the thinking of humanities academics occurs during the writing up stage of the research. Latour makes a similar point in Reassembling the Social. On that note… I just realised that the intersection of technological performance and cultural (theatrical almost) performance is not based in the technology itself, but as McKenzie writes in Perform- Or Else technological performance is measured by tests of effectiveness. Ok, I have known this since 2003, and I wrote my first (albeit undelivered) conference paper on the very topic. What I have just realised while writing this up is that the real cultural difference between technological assemblages regarding automotive performance is found in debates/divisions over tests of effectiveness, and not the technologies themselves, which to translate into an enthusiast cultural context means debates about different forms of motorsport… Enthusiasts produce events for which they need certain technologies, not vice versa.

oh and:

53,705 words.

Yeah, the pieces are falling into place, but I am also a freak.

Later tonight? World domination. ::pinky extends to corner of sly grin::

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  1. sore head?

    on 51,236 words. and about psyched enough to consume the universe including myself as a kind of inhuman-moebius-strip-meets-the-scary-bunny-from-donnie-darko that could be youtube’d as webcam pr0n. i just hope no airplane engines fall on my head.

    need at least 52,000. pwned to the fury. then, starting tomorrow night, I am taking over the fucking planet.

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