silencing dissent

It is not without some irony that I start back at Gleebooks tonight with a huge event invlving Clive Hamilton and Sarah Maddison the editors of Silencing Dissent: How the Australian government is controlling public opinion and stifling debate. It is ironic because Hamilton’s left-wing think tank the Australia Institute is being sued by massive Australian retailer David Jones under the Trade Practices Act.

IN WHAT is believed to be a world first, David Jones begins a legal case tomorrow in which it is suing the left-leaning think tank the Australia Institute and its executive director, Clive Hamilton, over claims the giant retailer’s advertising eroticised and sexually exploited children.

The case, in the Federal Court in Sydney, is thought to be the first time a court will consider the sexualisation of children in advertising.

More commentary at Larvatus Prodeo and a clarification of the legal issues by Skepticlawyer at catallaxy.

I am not shopping at David Jones ever again.

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  1. Glen – I will have to send you a David Jones Gift Voucher! I have a David Jones Card and love shopping at David Jones. Jenny

  2. a left-leaning think tank ? seems more like another set of bizarre neo-liberals who imagine that accusing a corporation of paedeophilia is a value free act…

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