The notion of being ‘available’ is important for exchange-based cultures such as ours. What does it mean to be ‘available’? There are different modalities of availability. For something to be exchanged it has to enter circulation and be rendered ‘available’ as such. Mechanisms for ‘making available’ are important socio-techologies. The new Collapse journal (photo) from Urbanomic is now available at Gleebooks. The first issue was apparently sent but never arrived. I am glad they are finally here! Available for sale.

Exchange is a kind of event of intermingling vectors. Not only of vectors that cross a threshold from elsewhere to enter into the here, but an acceleration within the moment of the purely conjunctural. This is apparent in Will Anderson’s comic routine and disposition as the “naughty boy” of Australian comedy. He was on hand to launch the new book for friend, Max Barry. Photos: in conversation and signing books. Max Barry is super talented and possibly one of my favourite authors. Plus I was very impressed with his general performance during the conversation. I see quite a few of these things now and he was good. A recording of the event should be available sometime this week. (Oh, and apparently the upcoming title of Max Barry’s new book is “The Exceptionals”. Or maybe he said “The Sexceptionals”? I am not sure.)

There is an alterity of exchange across forces and registers. Not only is there the conjunctural ‘here and now’ but the different vectors travel within their own spatialised time-space, or as Bergson might say, they have their own durations. Perhaps love is the conspiracy of congruently complicit phantasms that impregnate such events from different perspectives. It is a conspiracy of care for the interaction of pure exchange floating on the gentle vector-caresses and leaving its marks by dissolving into our bodies.

However, sometimes there is nothing gentle about it… Available for love.

(Just so no one thinks I am [too much of] an arsehole, she was mid-impromptu dance routine and not passed out in the hipster equivalent of a biker gang bang.)

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  1. About what? Love? Available? The above is not meant to be sinister at all!?! Maybe it is a meta-level comment for someone I just met? The concept of something being “available” is important, no? I deliberately tied it into questions of capitalist exchange because as much as there is an economics of love (according to my baccio chocolate from a while ago) there is also an erotics of capitalism, a certain kind of madness.

    Anyway, if it is the event of love stuff, it happens as the between, pure relation, and is not a quality of either party. You are _in_ love. However, love is asymmetric and is a really good example of how an event is never actualised in the same way depending on one’s perspective. My hunch is that we don’t actualy want people to see things the same way as us. It would be shit boring! Hence the comment about phantasms, which comes from psychoanalysis and relates to the events of the libidinal apparatus.

    why did you want to tell me you didn’t want to understand? 😉

  2. Oh man, does that freak me out. People talking about me? What? Now, of course, I’m just dying of curiosity…
    Oh and does Myke actually blog anywhere any more?

    Never read too much into anything, do you?

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