EGS videos on Youtube

Via Geof on the Lyotard List I caught wind of these short 10 minute lecture videos posted to Youtube from the European Graduate School here. All in English. It is odd how utterly banal some of the things these wonderful thinkers say when lecturing…

Michael Hardt is pretty cool the last 10 minutes of a lecture, discusses the singular versus the commonality and Love as a political concept:

The obvious question raised against Hardt’s (and Negri’s) notion of the multitude and the notion of singularity invoked (regarding the singularity of difference) is: Isn’t there a dialectical move whereby the different differences of the mobilised protest groups of Seattle (what? lol) can be expressively subsumed (if such a description makes sense) by the singularity of something like Empire but in its material incarnation in disparate states of affairs on the other side of blockades?

Derrida actually saying something (on ‘forgiving the unforgivable’):

How much does it suck this man is dead. The most recent Lost episode deals with the question of forgiveness and the impossible act of forgiving the unforgivable.

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