So I did a 6:25.7 on the ergo today which is bloody flying and just 2 tenths off a PB for the 2km.

I have become chums with a dude at the gym who plays rugby league I think for Wests. He goes to the gym almost as often as I do (lol), and I hadn’t seen him since before the summer break. We talk about his rugby work and trying out for teams and stuff (he made the first cut, second cut this weekend). He knows that I go to the gym for general fitness/meditation type of thing and he was like “So slimming down now!” Indeed, fully hydrated I am down to about 108kgs now, and a week and a half ago after a massive weekend I was down to 106kg dehydrated and bloody hungry (but still gyming). Another indication is that my belt size has dropped a notch.

I’ve been told that when I worked on the mines I was below 100kgs but I don’t remember it like that. Maybe I was; it is very possible, I was working 128 hour fortnights of heavy labour. Anyway, discounting the mine episode, this is lightest overall I have been for a decade. However, when I used to go the gym lots before (end of undergraduate degree) I weighed about the same, but I was much more musclier, so less fat. I reckon I still have about another 5-7 kgs of what I call the jelly belly to lose and then I shall be as slim as I was 5 years ago. It really is a jelly belly as all my fat seems to gather around my body-section while my arms and legs almost have no fat at all!! Chicken legs!

After making some adjustments to my routine on returning from Perth I have lost 3kgs. So say another 6kgs to go, that should take 12 weeks of the same level of work and dietary intake. It is all relative of course as I keep on getting stronger and fitter as my now regular sub-6:30 ergo times attest.

Accelerate! (91,176, scene chapter almost done!)