Now I’m Bored: Election Day

Now I’m Bored
Now I’m Bored
Now I’m Bored
There’s No Stopping
— “(He’ll Never Be an) Ol’ Man River” TISM (a.k.a. “I’m on the drug that killed River Pheonix”)

Epigraph for an essay on gaming, anyone? I think I’ll take it. (And for any of my international readers who have not heard (or heard of) TISM, they were a great performance outfit from Australia in the 1990s. I saw them at a Big Day Out concert in the late 1990s and they had massive 12ft inflated condom things on their heads. Here is another video, “Greg! The Stop Sign!” and for those who are into the Bunny Suicide books here is “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me“. I like the double-time running man dancing during the chorus.)

But anyway, via Cam at Polemica, here is a list of polling booths for today’s NSW State election. He also linke to the youtube video of TISM’s “Ol’ Man River”. The locations are linked to maps. If, like me, you have never voted in NSW before, here is a search page where you can enter your postcode and it will return the voting area. I am in the bourgie stronghold of Balmain!

I’ll be voting as a ‘section voter’ as I did my enrollment rather late.

(Plus I am glad I have a working iPod again if there is going to be a line up, which I doubt. My third iPod on warranty!! So four in total.)

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  1. Could be worse. You could be trapped at work with really idiotic colleagues…

    I find it very hard to think of Balmain as bourgie. I think I’ve inherited my mother’s memory map of Sydney where Balmain was tough working class and she hated going to visit her grandparents in Macdonaldtown because it was such a poor and grubby area.

  2. how do you have time to blog and to write some paper? Aren’t you finishing your phd next week? Is there some secret of work-whoredom that I don’t understand? Man or machine?

  3. will, i already have over 100k words for the phd!!! I am trying to connect all the arguments up in the respective chapters so they make a coherent whole, filter out the half-arsed thought crutches I needed because I knew something was missing but didn’t know what when first writing, and finish off the chapters that are not completed.

    hmmm, work whoredom? I dunno. I can write 2500 a day when I don’t have to go to paid work lifting chairs and pouring drinks. I work until 2am. I go to the gym for a couple of hours in the middle and have dinner. I check my blogs in the morning, like nowish.

    I compress a social life into 6-7 hours on a friday night and I am getting very good at making friends with randoms. lol

    my re-enrolment has to happen by march 31 otherwise I am in limbo. they may give me a session suspension. not sure.

    Daylight savings ended today! extra hour! w00t!

    how are you doing, you finished or what?

  4. ah, This is Serious, Mum! A perennial favourite of mine. Perhaps their song “Professor Derrida Deconstructs” will be my epigraph. Where is the next artist who will take up the baton that TISM once carried?

    And I have to echo the sentiments about having time to blog and write gaming papers, et al ?? 🙂

    …It has been kinda lonely in limbo…

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