So I have finished my scene chapter. In this chapter I outline my event-based conception of the scene as an incorporeal movement across different events of material action that belong to the scene.

Well ‘finished’ is probably the wrong word. It is about 90% finished in the sense that I have made sure to include every single point and supporting evidence for my argument that I know won’t be included elsewhere in the diss, but this has meant the chapter is 16,000 words. I am a bit of a peanut when it comes to writing because if I can see a fault with the argument I’ll write it out and I’ll keep writing. I figure I can always edit stuff down (one of the joys of having worked as a journalist!!) or rework it depending on the audience. I like to have an extensive understanding of something before I’ll write about it in any serious way, and this desire is often caught up in the conspiracy of my intuition which seems to work autonomously from the rest of my thinking. ACtually, this blog is weird because most of the writing occurs on the edge of my thinking, satisfying my intuition, so it is often too hasty or simply wrong (lol, sorry!). However, it is all part of the problematic of thinking, of tracing lines and so on.

The scene chapter is also only roughly two thirds of my work on the notion of the ‘scene’. After the fieldwork section (which proceeds the first scene chapter) is a second scene chapter. In this second scene chapter I engage with Foucault’s notion of eventalization and think of the scene as a discursive event (another kind of incorporal materialism), which sets up the rest of the diss as I investigate in the archive the problematics of the scene discovered through my fieldwork — these are basically: enthusiast media, social organisation, commodified events, nationalism, trans-local flows in globalisation, and gender and the non-human erotics of modified-car culture.

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