Shout Out Out Out Out

Chicken Soup for the Fuck You (MP3) from this French music blog

Do it. If only for the awesome title. Normally I’m not a fan of house beats and long-haired gits dancing in Doc Martens looking at the lasers while high on nitrous, yeah. You know. The cow bells, weird bubbling 303 towards the end, and relentlessness of the rolling bass line is like sugar, but not white bleached shit, the hard granulated have-to-stir-a-dozen-times coffee kind.

I can sense some computer game soundtrack influence going on here, maybe all electro/rock sounds like that to me though, but this song makes me want to be the Decepticon Starscream from the Transformers in a cover band — Energon Cube — that only play electro-punk versions of 1980s soft rock tracks. (Of course, Megatron would be on drums and [evil] Grimlock would would be on bass. Grimlock would be comic relief when he transformed into t-rex version because he can’t play with little arms.)

Shout Out Out Out Out

EDIT: I bought the CD — Not Saying/Just Saying — from their website.

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  1. they’re actually from my hometown (Edmonton) and I’m friends with some of their friends. they’re really good live (although when they might make it down here is a big question), probably better live than on record. the nonstop vocoder vocals really keep me from getting into them.

  2. yeah, the vocals do seem a bit annoying, i actually prefer the instrumental tracks and treat them as dance-type numbers rather than ‘songs’ per se.

    all their tour dates are n/american. maybe they need to come down for a festival or some shit.

    their band is a different concept of a band, which is pretty funky. do they actually have two drum kits on stage?

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