Turn Me On

Ok, so I have a light installation fetish.

Maybe I am neo-Platonic, but in a tired, bored and post-Futurist kind of way.


EDIT: 89,051 (this is a little bit like the running total of survivors on BSG!!). I fear the ton shall be cracked this week. The last 5,000 words has been straight up writing too. Scenes. I can’t wait to actually publish something on my event-based conception of the ‘scene’ as it is some of the hardcore work of my diss. My supervisors want the keystone chapter. I introduce the previous notions of scene and supercharge ’em with the event. They shall get the keystone chapter. The 89k doesn’t include my work on hoons, which I think will not make the final version of the diss.

Another weird thing about the diss is that my original work with the notion of ‘assemblage’ looked at streets, cars and drivers, which was kind of an obvious way to look at things. The street-car-driver assemblage. However, as I have discovered by looking at a culture and specifically the scene of a culture, then I need to look at the assemblages that belong to the scene (rather than what is merely obvious). This means that the magazine is part of an assemblage. The workshop is part of an assemblage. The racetrack is part of an assemblage. And so on. For example, on a diagrammatic level, the magazine is a technology of visibility on the scene and a technology of circulation that literally reduces and maintains certain multiplicities through expressive serial discursive acts.

Too much work…

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  1. hot lol!

    what is the font? it is like the recent pop-philosophy publications of the continuum impacts range but with slightly less black around.

    plus I like the allignment of the text off-centre, which is different to left-alligned or centre-allgned. It feels like it should be centred or ‘lefted’, so the current allignment gives it a certain momentum or intensive movement.

    this isn’t a hint that i need to pimp my blog is it? 😉

  2. Sorry, Glen. It is. You are experiencing A BLOG INTERVENTION.

    The current picture is too big for some resolutions, it sticks out the side un-eventfully… and yeah… You’re a proper thought warrior and deserve a proper mon flag!

    (nah, just played around in photoshop.. but if you want to use it, its yours.)

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