Unaustralia and Boofheads

Out for drinks last night for Kat’s birthday. Good fun. We were at the Cricketer’s Arms pub and apparently the rugby was on up the road. The pub is along one of the main routes from Central Station to the stadium. For about an hour before the game the pub was full of blokey rugby fans wearing polo shirts and sporting haircuts that emulate an Astro Boy coif.

They did not like the T-Shirt I was wearing from the Unaustralia conference. I tried to explain what it meant to some intrepid fellows after they made various “wtf?” gestures to each other. They didn’t want to know about someone who had the audacity to wear a t-shirt that provoked the scandal of unaustralianess. When I told them I was Unaustralian, they asked where I was from. One guy couldn’t even bring himself to look in my direction and muttered through clenched teeth about how “Australianess has nothing to do with who is in government.” I could appreciate his transcendental conceptualisation of nationalism but it is ultimately unworkable as a lived relation. Another fellow warned me thus, “You won’t make many friends wearing the T-Shirt.” To which I replied, “I have enough friends already.” That made him laugh. Of course, it helps being a boofhead that is twice their size and who isn’t afflicted with the same disabling charisma of pinched hatred. 😉

The t-shirt can just be seen in this photo.

I think I look really happy cause I just ate some of Kat’s birthday chocolates.

Tip: When you get home at 4am don’t try to cook fish fingers under the grill, because you will inevitably pass out waiting for food to cook and a grill will cook, then burn, char, turn to ash, and stink out your little flat while you are dozing. Stick to microwavable foods, because a microwave will turn itself off.

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  1. yo, where’d ya go to 4am!! Broadway? hahahahahah, bloody legend. I was all over after the hollywood.

    f$%$^& sambuccas, your fault

    what a shame we didn’t see your mates again after the footy :p

    Kat was sooo stoked you came along. This morning, I wasn’t, as I nursed yet another aclohol induced headache b/c I hung out with you 😉

    man, when you cookin’ dinner? sounds ‘crunchy’ hehehehe

    oh, btw TOP PICCY!

  2. yer, bkrc. met some students from boston. they had funny accents 😉 i talked to the house dj of whom i took a photo at the opening night two weeks ago. told him that he rocked. i got to broadway at about 1 stayed for a couple of hours from 2 listening to the dudes from !!! (chk chk chk, whatever the fuck) dj some, then walked home. walking takes a while, especially if the surface becomes an imbalanced asymmetric topology (that is, one finds it diffcult to walk in straight lines, this literally makes the journey longer).

    it was good fun. i am not sure why you gave me that brick. the roast vegetable salad i had at the CA was very good. the cheese stuff was awesome.

    oh, it was good talking with the enemy, too. (ie finance industry woman, not the boofheads) it is interesting that she explained her life in terms of a lack of opportunity, or choices that were really non-choices, when that is that same argument that sociologists have used to talk about the strife gotten into by people without privilege.

    btw, I had a couple of steak sandwhiches for dinner tonight, thankyou very much.

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