Book Launch


It was the biggest academic book launch I have attended either as a punter or for work. There was more than 150 people. The only events that are bigger are private functions or celebrity launches (such as the Chaser Annual launch and the like). We drank pretty much all the alcohol on hand. I had to break into my secret stash of champers. Morgan (events manager) made a joke that everyone was going hungry because only 15 people RSVP’d, so she had taken a punt and ordered food for 50. It was all very exciting and I was well on my way by the time I had left Gleebooks for the post-launch celebrations up the road at the Different Drummer.

Here are a few photos of friends and colleagues, and one of the Solidarity Choir that performed a few ditties.

This is on tonight. Sweet.

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  1. wtf? i have no idea who you are, which, of course, is hilarious.

    I probably do know who you are, but I cannot be certain and therefore will not make any claims lest I fall foul of the fallicious folly of false familiarity.

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