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  1. Glen, Can I suggest you do a timeline to complete, taking into account all of your activities over this period, so you can keep a tab on where you are at, without getting too stressed, cee ya

  2. Yes.

    I am currently a third of the way through my first chapter after a day of solid work making good argument. 4 and 2/3 chapters to go. I make some good argument like how others make good pasta or make good love. I need to have a fire under me, or in me, or just a burning in some vague proximity to my person; that is, a burning desire to finish. And it burns! BURNS! BURNS!

    I am like in top gear and trying to accelerate so it is time to go all fast and the furious and kick the nitrous into action. Nitrous!


    I think I go little bit mad (‘loco’, as my lowrider mates would say) when working bezerk, and I kind of like it… Or maybe it is just a rush or compound sensation produced through the multiplicative effect of the flu medication, angry music, coffee, and sugar from the study snacks. Oh, and the overwhelming sense of “doing good work”.

    When this shit is over I am having a “World Domination” themed party.

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