As dangerous as a midnight coffee #2: knee deep in the hoopla

At it again. It is where its at. The at to the it et al (multiplcity).

Today the scales at gym told me I weigh 100kg, which is of course nonsense as my body mass fluctuates quite a bit depending on what I have been doing (but only by 2 or 3 kgs in a weekend). I am close to getting to my 100kg goal before going home in early June.

This bloody chapter… Am I wrong to try to bring so much stuff together? Thornton’s subcultural capital read through Bourdieu’s practical knowledge i the context of what Moorhouse calls ‘know how’ = a practical knowledge of the capacities of the scene that is potentialised as it is in-acted. I have coined the neologism ‘in-action’ to describe the process of integration of what Whitehead calls prehensions, specifically conceptual prehensions (knowledge), in relation to the events of action that I am talking about. Of course I decide to talk about all this using historical examples, so enter Foucault and his archeological method which is problematic for only dealing with ruled-based configuations of discourse rather than the mediations between abstraction and experience through affect of ‘practical knowledge’. WTF has this got to do with modified-car culture? lol…

Five songs to keep me going tonight:

5) “Dream Operator” Talking Heads, True Stories
4) “We Built this City” Starship
3) “Anyway you want it” Journey
2) “Dammit” Blink 182
1) “Finish Line” Snow Patrol

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