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From Friday night.

More fun was had.

Outfit was a complete success 😉

Images from my mate Peter, see some more on my flickr.

Last night I went out with some crew to a place in the Sydney CBD called Retros. I like the skanky university pubs better compared to the sleeker, massive and more mainstream city clubs, but it was like a double retro flashback. Double flashback not only because of the music (refrains galore, blocks of affect) but cause it was like I was 18 or 19 and back home going out with the dudes in my suburb. I would wear a suit (I had 5).

Had a good walk home for some supplies and then pushed on to St Peters to pick my bike up before riding it home again. A good 2.5 hour transverse of the city. No gym today.

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  1. indeed

    no, don’t get me wrong, I certainly had a good time. it was just a different sort of good time then compared to what I was used to.

    even going through security at the beginning was weird. I have read too much stuff on ethnographies of bouncer’s and clubbing to know that being singled out for questioning like that is not a coincidence and has everything to do with the way I was dressed and the way I look compared to the others in the line.

    I really did used to go to a place like that in Perth called Metros. I was there when it opened!

  2. Freo or Perth?

    Of course, they’re both equally shit insofar as they participate in entirely the wrong kinds of scene, but Freo wasn’t too awful as a live venue.

    The most fuckedest thing about Metro Perth opening is that the owners bought out Berlin with the express purpose of closing it down so that there was one less competitor to the Metro!!!

  3. yes, unfortunately metro’s in freo make it a condition of entry to scan your driver’s licence – for ‘security’ reasons. what an abuse of power. of course, hayley (my girlfriend) receives spam mail asking her to celebrate her 21st birthday at metro’s – so somewhere there is someone with a photo and all her details on it!

    nice comments on the photos. i like the one with ‘purple top’ – very ingenious. and the “billy ray cyrus” forgetting to come in fancy dress is hilarious. sorry george

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