machine in the head

via christian is the melbourne uni advertisements for its new business model (play with the massive flying alien billboards that have encircled the Earth and which are preparing for invasion, well at least in Melbourne, as you can tell by the relentless end-of-the-world music commonly used in special effects movies and advertisements for tech commodities).

On that note, one advertisement is about that fact I have a machine… in MAH HEDz!!!! Wow, they are all Deleuzians, albeit shitty Deleuzians that read about teh machinery and don’t understand the ontological argument.

Another is about taking and giving good ‘opportunity’. I think this is some kind of neoliberal porn that shifts the libidinal goalposts beyond giving head or any other such explicitly sexual act to giving pure exploitable, resource-driven ‘opportunity’. Do Melbourne University graduates walk around licking their lips whispering in excited but restrained tones to each other about how awesome their most recent ‘opportunity’ was? I’ll have to pay more attention to Melbourne Graduates at the next conference and try to convince one of them to give me some of that sweet ‘opportunity’. Maybe over drinks or something.

Lastly, there was some other ad for Hegelians, and I didn’t understand it. But I am sure they were trying to sell me a mobile phone and GAWDDAM I want one… Good work Melbourne University! So many more mobile phones shall be sold now.

Back to work.