short shorts and long socks

My apologies for the spate of removed blog posts over the last few days. I am stupid.

However, to make up for it, I have an excellent outfit for the weekend. It involves short shorts and long socks, plus the t-shirt mentioned here (it arrived today! I ACTUALLY HAVE IT, RIGHT HERE!). It is so much fun. I only need a bum bag now (my short shorts don’t have pockets). HAS ANYONE GOT A BUM BAG THEY CAN LEND ME FOR SATURDAY?

When the weekend arrives I shall ensure photos are taken for my blog readers’ pleasure.

(Yes, there will be pleasure…)

EDIT: I just cleaned out my draft post folder

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  1. it’s doing my head out, which is v. fashionable of course.

    i would also like a green t-shirt with “monkey?” across the back


  2. Anything with ‘monkey’ on it automatically rocks. Especially if it involves a large quantity of dvds featuring a magic stick. Um.

    So is this shirt you had made super-awesome or only averagely awesome? I have this idea for a friend’s birthday and they might be the folks to provide.

  3. well, I’ll put it this way, it is less generic awesome, more singular awesome.

    In that you’d probably have to be me, or someone that knows me (or reads my blog), or maybe even live in the inner-west of Sydney to get the joke. It really is a custom t-shirt in the sense it won’t make much sense on anyone else. I can imagine that a few people will feel a little pang of ressentiment that may just add up to a lynching (in certain circumstances), which adds to the fun.

    It is a joke t-shirt but with a sort of edge that brings class warfare into the bedroom. I take my D&G very seriously, you understand, especially regarding their comments on the melding of the political economy and libidinal economy in Anti-Oedipus. Of course, plenty of peanuts have said so-called continental theory is fashionable, but since I have rendered it _as_ fashion i think they can get fucked.

    How is that for talking it up!?!! lol

    It is part of an outfit don’t forgot. Photos on the weekend.

    omg this is


    (next t-shirt)

  4. the real thing? coke?

    yeah, see how I go re neil young. have to work and i’ve been feeling knackered lately. too much gym i think

    (can’t wear my outfit to a neil young gig!)

  5. Well, my plans are to embarrass the fuck out of some people and amuse a whole bunch of others who are in on a really pathetic joke. Could work.

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