know how

‘know how’ chapter is done. finished it in the wee hours of this morning. sweet! tried sending it at about 3:40 as there is someting perversely rewarding in sending triumphant stupidly-timed emails to supervisors. it is a bit long still at about 17k words, but i think i will only have four chapters now. save some of my other crazy shit for later.

i am not sure how people (supervisors, markers, and friends) will cope with the way i approach gender. it is a little bit radical. i finally understand wtf deleuze and guattari were talking about with the concept of becoming-woman, but i don’t mention it at all in the diss (it would be a red flag). yet i am not sure i have read anything sensible that engages with the notion. all accounts have been far too static for my liking. anyway i’ll see what clif says! (i know he’ll like it! lol)

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  1. I am happy to read your posting. Interested to learn what the supervisors think? Rob bought a ACER Notebook this morning, with a larger screen. Shocking weather in Perth – but we need the rain desperately. Wish I could send you a serve of Osso Bucco that I made this morning – perfect for this cold wet day! Envelope should arrive on Mon. Keep at it Glen.

  2. glen, have you had a look through Claire Colebrook’s work? If anyone’s going to talk about D&G and “becoming-woman”, I’d expect it to be her…

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