Maurizio Lazzarato’s Les Révolutions du Capitalisme

Apparently there is an extract from Lazzarato’s book Les Révolutions du Capitalisme published through the journal SubStance. I have read two parts of the book published in edited collections. What I have read is very good.

If anyone’s library has access to this journal could they please send me a copy? 😉

The whole journal issue looks bloody interesting!

EDIT: Lazzarato’s paper on the “Political Entrepreneur” is brilliant! Political entrepreneur = John Howard. Forthcoming post on this already in the works regarding the recent intervention into the problems of Aboriginal communities in Australia.

EDIT: OMG! Lazzarato, “Strategies of the Political Entrepreneur”:

“Since we do not yet have available a working description of the machine of commuication as an “apparatus of capture,” I will limit myself here to offering several elementary reflections on the functioning of the multinational Benetton.”

This is exactly what I have been working on in my dissertation regarding the functioning of the enthusiast media in its capacity to transmit events and to collectively individuate enthusiast populations (and the so-called ‘mainstream’ media to collectively individuate ‘mainstream’ populations). I scanned through it, but I can’t read Lazzarato’s article properly now. It will bugger up my thinking for the diss if I try to incorporate it when I can’t afford to let it at this stage. At least I know my thinking isn’t completely obscure!! 😉

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