it is a matter of living despite debt

Brett Neilson, Associate Professor of Cultural at the Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney (where i am doing my PhD), has an article published on metamute and on his blog with a nifty image. Some extracts: The magic of debt is to make labour disappear. It is here that the analysis of debt […]

Hélène Frichot on Deleuze’s Baroque House

For anyone interested in Deleuze’s conception of the event, Hélène Frichot’s essay, “Stealing into Deleuze’s Baroque House” in the edited collection, Deleuze and Space, is a must read. If I ever get to teach this stuff, then this essay will be a set reading where I introduce Deleuze’s conception of the event. Frichot is in […]

i’m in ur geopolitical region stealin ur oilz

Who did I have lunch with in Sydney back in 2003 who told me that it wasn’t about oil? Stupid a-hole. Cut ‘n’ paste from Phil at LP (sorry, right now I is so dissified) This from Defence Minister Dr. Brendan Nelson. The defence update we’re releasing today sets out many priorities for Australia’s defence […]