hiho chapter, away!

Next chapter done and away to supervisors. Sweet.

It is on ‘know how’ as a practical knowledge, basically the basic mode of operaation of enthusiasts. I don’t define it in relation to abstract structures of knowledge or the social structure (ala Bourdieu), but the processual capacity to reconfigure the possibilities for action through the differential repetition of events. snap!

To understand this properly means highlighting something that Deleuze discusses obliquely in The Logic of Sense without actually ever stating it. The differential repetition of events is problematically contiguous, rather than spatially or temporally contiguous. The events of a series are related via a problem and not some space or time-based container. ‘Know how’ is of course the capacity to engage with certain kinds of problems. I argue that the differential repetition of the event of enthusiasm is evidenced through the performative dimension of ‘know how’ in translating contigencies from ‘problems’ into ‘challenges’. snap!

Except for the last chapter, the rest of the chapters should take only one or two days each.


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  1. Good news Glen. Hope the supervisors are happy with the second chapter. Wet, cold day in Perth today. Going out for Breakfast for Father’s Day this Sunday!

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