visitors, hi!

My blog stats are not very interesting reading except to indicate that the total number of visitors has been increasing to this blog since I shifted here from blogspot in late July 2006.

What is weird is the difference between the figures from and the stats through the host server (cpanel, awstats).

According to statcounter I get around 290 visitors a day.

The story for the raw host server stats are different. Even accounting for search engine and feeder crawlers, and error pages, which are removed from visitor stats, I had been getting around 10,000 visitors a month, from about 7,000 August last year, and now in August 2007 so far it is around 12,000 unique visitors (20,000 total visits, 1.57 per person). So at around 740 visits a day.

I am not sure why there is such a massive difference. Statcounter works by leaving a cookie, but the server stats just count every visit (pages and hits are different stats to visits, 1300 pages and 3200 hits per day). Maybe statcounter is not counting visitors properly? I am not sure.

And 773 visits for the month came from playstation portable! lol!

EDIT: 02/09/07

August averages, per day.

Through awstats:

750.03 visits.
1358.23 pages.
3284.81 hits.


372 pageloads
280 visitors
264 new visitors
16 return visitors

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