music middle class?

Via ars technica:

Rumblefish’s Paul Anthony agreed, adding that the music industry is moving from a “real estate” plan (in which property is bought by labels and appreciates in value) to a service industry. The notion is that artists interacting directly with their audience will ultimately lead to the most profitable relationship between the two.
Is it possible that music could acquire a middle class, instead of being split between a few superstars and a vast working-poor population of bar bands and small independent acts?

Over at infinite thought:

Dressed in something that looks much like something from an Ann Summers bargain bin, Britney stumbles around a bit, a bit gone on pills and ennui, perhaps, and with a little bit of a stomach. She is clearly by no means ‘fat’, and her thighs remain like God’s own pins, but nevertheless, she’s done something absolutely unforgivable, namely, look kind of normal…and a certain kind of normal, at that, exhibiting a wistful combination of crushed dreams and a confused and weary desire to be deemed attractive.