Good week on the diss. I thought my loyal readers would like to know!

Now working on the finishing touches on the fifth chapter (out of nine). I think I have finally come to terms with not trying to explain everything at once. Footnotes are great from dropping text out of the body, but retaining it to judge its utility.

Yet, I am continualy overwhelmed with a feeling of how feaking massive this thing is. After it is all submitted and whatever I want to do a post on the architecture of the argument. It is a serious head fuck, not only the complexity, but the discrete character of individual chapters and how they have been configured to be part of various larger 3 or 4 chapter length arguments. It is like doing a custom interior in a car that looks ‘factory’ but is entirely singular. lol


4 replies on “progress”

  1. No, it is getting easier. The ’empty square’ of my argument, like the available space to negotiate on a game of tic tac toe, continually gets smaller.

  2. Hello Glen! Do you like to write the main text to a catalogue i am producing? Please contact me a.s.a.p. All the Best / Karl (Sweden)

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