after everything is said and done

So mostly finished the third chapter, five to go.

There shall be a minor, unofficial celebration at the Clare Hotel, over the road from UTS, on Friday 30 November. All friends are welcome!! I have designed and ordered a new t-shirt to mark the occassion of submitting the dissertation. I got the idea after marking 83 essays on Donnie Darko.

By the way, it may be minor and unofficial but I intend to blow off a lot of steam, so if you want to keep pace with this masculine suburban-bogan-cum-bourgie intellectualist, then be prepared for a fucking massive night…

I have discovered that I know when everything is said and done when filled with the feeling of relief; I am starting to get that feeling.

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  1. i could, but only to completing postgrads! 😉

    i think should get into the catchphrase business, not disimilar to hallmark card writing, but a little more funky

  2. lol

    maybe only my haircut.

    perhaps my car.

    this editing business means this version of the diss should actually be classified as number five. I have just made substantial changes to one chapter’s structure and it was not even the chapter that had to be restructured!!! 3 months work in a week. yep!

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