From the editorial of The Australian:

History will look kindly on John Howard’s political career, including most of his prime ministership. He repaired the financial ravages Labor left in the middle 1990s. He did a great deal to smother the fire of race hate lit by Pauline Hanson. Above all, he supervised the long boom and made sure that all Australians had a chance to share in the prosperity.

John Howard capitalised on reforms made by Labor in the 1980s and early 1990s. He tapped into the vein of reactionary nationalism and thus increased cultural division in Australia. He favoured certain population segments over others (indicated by the selective funding and welfare arrangements) and did nothing to make sure everyone had an equal opportunity to prosper.

UPDATE: From the UK Guardian is this opinion piece that puts paid to ideas that John Howard was a good Prime Minister.

3 replies on “bullshit”

  1. lets see how your leftee mates handle the big scene , their track record in all of our state affairs, is abyssmal, so before you condemn JH have a good look at whats confronting us on the Labor front bench, not a pleasant sight(Julia to be acting PM in a few weeks)!!!Bloody hell!!!

  2. Ooooooo err “The Big Scene”! Robbee – it’s a tired and boring line of attack to infer that non-Liberals are hippy dimwits incapable of running a resource-based economy. It isn’t rocket science, it’s rock science (I just made that up, you can use that). There are brilliant intellects and mouth-breathers on both sides of Federal politics.

    Hear hear Glen! The Dessicated Coconut’s war-mongering, total disregard for the environment and callous treatment of refugees tarnished our global reputation. International historians will doubtless remember DC’s tenure as a period of small-minded and cynical cruelty. Good riddance.

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