So it is at the bindery. I have mixed emotions. Still anxious, not really that happy cause of all the stuffing around the last two weeks and especially last 48 hours. It shits me that I know that my diss could be better but it only has to be good enough.

Plus no one I could find does the proper soft cover binding for 400 pages, except for one place and it is not exactly how I have seen other soft bound documents, like course readers. That is so stupid. I hope it is ok. In a worse case scenario I will submit for administrative purposes so they can see it is done and then if there is an issue, look further abroad for somewhere that can do it how I think it is meant to be done. Some places will only do 200 pages!! The university will only do 320 pages!

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  1. Glen, you are a champion! I am so happy for you. And kinda scared at the thought of how much more you will blog with thesis over! Anyway – hugs.

  2. have you tried Medici? guy i work with has had his soft bound there. text me if you haven’t – or if it matters now

  3. Hi Mel and Jean! It sucks you wont be here tomorrow night to partake in celebrations.

    No braking!!!! Over 300 assessments to mark by 5 dec, new mobilities workshop late next week, and an art exhbition catalogue essay to write (about a massive 500+ kg sculpture of an ejaculating penis) by middle of Dec.

    Pete, thanks for that. I will see what happens tomorrow. If they don’t like it then I will have to chase medici

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