One More Thing

It is after 4am and I could possibly go on, but I have a full day tomorrow and work in the evening again so I need some energy. Only one more thing left for the dissertation, a list of figures of all the magazine scans and other images. The rest is pretty much done. I just went through and changed all the footnote references to magazines to in text references. I even put in some more primary references and I could mine my magazine archive forever doing that so I stopped when I realised that my argument doesn’t need anymore evidence lol.

I’ll get back to it after a few hours sleep.

I have got it under 400 pages which is good in terms of getting it thermal bound as a single volume.


(Then one last accelerate!)

Oh, I am down to 97 kgs which is the lightest I have been for almost 12 years. Must be the stress.

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