Towards the realization of Gundam

In Japanese news:

Defense Ministry’s Gundam-inspired high-tech infantry kit grabs otaku attention

A high-tech armament system for infantry soldiers sparked interest among anime fans at a recent Ministry of Defense research presentation when officials announced that it was designed with the Gundam anime series in mind.

The Advanced Personal Armament System — Japan’s version of the Future Soldier project, designed to modernize combat infantry units — offers a network-linked helmet providing night and thermal vision, amongst other capabilities. It was introduced at a presentation held by the ministry’s Technical Research and Development Institute titled, “Towards the realization of Gundam.”

Gundam is the name of a hugely popular anime series featuring huge “mobile suit” robots, and the system unveiled at the research presentation sports features inspired by the giant humanoid robots that appear in the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam,” according to officials.

The suit also contains global positioning system (GPS) technology, allowing the wearer’s location to be tracked.

Calls for the Defense Ministry to distribute GPS-equipped cell phones to ministry officials to discourage them being wined and dined by defense contractors have arisen following the discovery that former Administrative Vice Defense Minister Takemasa Moriya was engaging in collusive relations with an executive from a major defense contractor.

In light of the system’s tracking capabilities, some have suggested that the former administrative vice defense minister should have tried the equipment on.

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  1. well Is it for real?
    I really want it to be for real
    driving gundam battle with fella’s why wouldn’t they have goons ginns and zaku’s why gundam thats a shame for gundam the metal isn’t strong enough no laser gun and those stuffs

  2. Pls do not invent such technology as it will lead to other countries inventing such technology as well and the end result, people will suffer…The anime has shown that such technology will only bring suffering to people.PLS DO NOT CREATE SUCH TECHONOLOGY

  3. Dude, this is sick. I hope the go on the market like cars so I can buy one of these suckers! GUNDAM BATTLES BABY! YEAY! GIVE ME MY FREEDOM GUNDAM!

  4. I think mechanized infantry in that form would be awesome. Though yes if I remeber one or both of that things arms can raise using levers inside it. I forget where I saw before or why it was built exactly but that picture is just a Zeta inspired statue some people made. Or it looks alot like it, havent seen that in awhile.

  5. Kick Aazzz! Heck yeah, make Robotech a reality first, I say. Then some A-holes from the good ol’ U.S.of former A. can nuke it. So much for the project ๐Ÿ™
    If you make them military green, even better! Some suckers 2 billion dollar project down the drain, when the get blasted in battle. Another bumber :[ BUT GO AHEAD & MAKE THEM.

  6. it might be real like anime in maybe few decades…
    just imagine u manuever a Gundam with sticks & armed with main weapon like beam rifle or plasma canon & a beam saber as meele weapon…owesome!!!
    gundam battle really kick ass!!!

  7. I dunno about this. It is wonderful that this is possible, but in the wrong hands, it’s just like handing a loaded nuke to a kid.

    As some others are saying here, if they are building it, hopefully it is for the better of humanity and not their downfall.

  8. amazing hopefully technology continues like this and I can’t wait till it’s just like the series

  9. Its good to see that men are being realizing that they need change but mobile suits for infantry? Man.. you gotta be kidding me. I like the idea though. Lets wait and see if those cans (or pieces of what have you) can move. Cheers for the realization of Gundam!

    P.S. Make a model for XXXG-00W0 and lets test it in our country!

  10. Sick! Realization will only lead to more testing, more testing to more fighting… ๐Ÿ™

  11. What is the use of such weaponry… Such power will only cause destruction… Why? Screw u all…

  12. well i guess if these things can help stop war then we should make them but if it keeps on causing wars then i say dump the project

  13. cool. well we cant stop the people who would use them for wars. even if its not true wars will still happen anyways. And if its true it can be a big help in a lot of ways.

  14. For all the fools that think they would be able to maneuver machinery like this if they make it, you are very wrong. As cool as it is, if it was made a gundam would be a military weapon, and would require training to use. A simplified example of that would be a car, even though the concept of steering and holding the gas is easy, to actually do anything without hurting yourself takes practice.

  15. realization of gundam?! this things are useless unless theres a realization of the invention called “minovsky particles” which the use of mobile suits could really be applied. Without that and the gundarum alloys or better creation of harder metal for that matter, big robots only gives us big targets in battle…

  16. This is cool, jus dont use it 4 war……

    Although if this was created now it would jus be s2p!d, y? cos it’ll porbably run on fossil fuels, be created from crap kind of metal nd possibly turtle like manueverability……

    we still have a long way to go

  17. Cool… But whose side is this bastard on? Wrong side, wrong motive, wrong results. ๐Ÿ™ we need 2 really consider This project carefully otherwise……..

  18. These things would be sooooo unconventional!
    You know how fast those things would get owned by an M1-A1 or a F-22 rapter?

  19. EEW! Cool to look at, but in real life a gundam would be the most useless thing imaginable. They’re great..IN THE SHOW, but this is tral life. There’s nothing that can supply the power to move something like that around, let alone run, jump, fly, etc. And one fighter jet, or one bomber, or one cruise missile, or even one tank, really any conventional weapon, could one-shot this thing. Just a big EZ-Target

  20. Gotta disagree with you, H4L0G3N.

    People only dreamed of flying back then, but now, we fly.
    As long as people are goting to the direction of developing it, it will come out one day. If it has a much mobility as it look like they do, they can easily position them selves to out do a tank, maybe able to be equipped with a highly portable SAM system,But in the end. Its highly likely they won’t be stupid enough to try to take on a army with just one of these. IT would probablly be supported by other weaponry. This is just a big plus in firepower and possiblly decrease enemy morals

  21. it might look cool and everything…..but it might not be…well the way it was made to be…i mean you activate it and send it to battle but it might be as slow as a turtle and get nuked before it take 2 steps.i dont think this thing would be PERFECT but you might make it better in the FUTURE.right now its just like a prototype or something like that

  22. to me it just look like a hollow tin can to bring new hope for people who want to win a war if another one starts…you acutally think that thing is powerful/cool/groovy etc. it might get hit my 1 bullet and malfuction and BOOM

  23. i saw this on an jap sight years a go…i think it was just used as an experment to see if thay could get something that big to walk useing tech we have today..u know be able to power it and evry thing

  24. Whichever idiot believes gundams are going to come to life is seriously stupid. Talking to you the person calling hiself Kira Yamato. And please stop impersonating yourselves are anime characters you look ridicolous. seriously. Get a life. Gundam is a good anime i agree but lets leave it there. This isint happening. STOP DREAMING!

  25. I agree with Kira… Btw my name is Athrun Zala u punk… But my dad ain’t patrick… So 2nd realistic one u can go screw yourself… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. hey douches stop raining on our parade will ya? Gundam would be great if it came true really… The only thing is that we have to consider everything in point like what would we use it for? Will it make the world better or worse? What mechanics should we use on it? (power, materials, blueprints, controls, etc), and will they make a civilian version for it? like a car of sorts

  27. If it is truly possible that, that “Mobile Suit” can actually function… it would be a great advance in military technology. Projects such as these are exactly why i am going into the feild of study i am currently on path of.

    But as a wise man once said, “Man Kind’s Greatest Rising Shall Be Their Most Devistating Downfall.” -Dumah Altescu

    This course of productiong can only lead to a Futuristic World War 3. It will be mass destruction, 10x the pollitcal coruption, as well as the elimination of man kind’s current lifestyle as we know it.

    The whole world will change. People will change. Life will change. The scientist who develop such advanced technology based off of Japanese Anime Tv Series’ should most certainly pay more attention to the results on civilization of creating such intense weaponry.

    Do we really want to re-image the entire world in such a manor, All just to challenge the intelect of some of our above averagely intelligent young minds??

  28. i would change countries, and join the JDF to pilot or work on one of those, wait and see what really happens

  29. It’s funny that Tomino’s original Gundam series was actually to show the pain that war causes yet you get people like this trying to bring it to fruition in reality.
    Ever heard of a colony drop people? NOT a nice thing to experience!

  30. Oh and by the way, current physics means that real life “Gundam”-like mecha are impossible.Also they aren’t needed, it’s much easier to bomb the shit out of a place with fighter jets, than to use close to mid range combat mecha.

  31. Kira is right (even though “kira” means “killer”)! People who want to make this anime a realization are pure geniuses. Just like the inventors of such things as :the bomb, abomb, gun, warplane. The things that destroy are evil. Even if they are meant for good, evil will come of it. Just watch Death Note. And it’s not like we need any more evil in this world. -the person who’s name shall not be revealed because if it is perverts will find me

  32. First of all, I would like to say a few things about the picture of the Re-GZ (a discontinued mass production model of the Zeta Gundam) While it may look cool, all it is, is a giant statuee with a semi-functional cokpit. I’ve read the article on it, and while they couldn’t get it to move, it has several monitors inside of hte cokpit that function close to what the original RX-78 had.

    Next I’d like to address the Physics. While realizing Mobile Suits would be kickass and every fanboy’s dream, the sheer size of the mobile suits contradict their purpose. Think about it, how effective is a 60ft mech un urban combat when it’s taller than half the buldings around it? Next, like someone else had mentinoed, piloting one of those things is a dexterious task, and someone untrained in it’s usage would end up hurting themselves more than anyone else. Lastly, the one key factor in what’s preventing militaries form building humanoid mecha, is something called a Dynamic Balancer. A Dynamic Balancer is what would allow a man made machine to better mimic a human’s range of motion.

    Lastly, while I’m as diehard a gundam fan as the rest of you, the Wandrung Panzers (Wanzers) of the Front Mission series are more likely to exist in reality long before gundams will.

  33. Well guys, you all talk about that this is not possible…
    But it will be with the latest robotics, They now have robots that can walk,run,jump and walk stairs just like an human would do it.
    And about steering this thing is possible, the latest robotics shows an exo-skeletan made with pressure sensitive switches, that controls the pressure to be applied to the mechanics.
    The more your muscles expand the more pressure (power) is applied to the mechanics.
    The only problem is the powersoure and engine it must use.
    The engine must have alot of horse power and react fast to the controls… so maybe an electro engine, but what to use as an power source (nuke??? Hope not).
    And it must be made of an hard but flexible alloy and as light as possible.
    So it made not be possible in 5 years but in the future i’m sure it will be.
    But dont get me wrong i think war is bad for all, but the problem is that humans are aggresive by nature.
    Just look around war everywhere, bar fights, school fights, even old ladys fight.
    Its in our blood if we like it or not and i know what people would say “Not me i never fight” I only say this “Even nature have exceptional ones, be proud of it it is an good quality to have”

    I hope that i didnt offend anyone with this post, i wish you all an good time.

    BiohazardPadre OUT.

  34. Technically specking, the Tech needed for a bipedal Mobil Suit of any real use is far from out of reach with today’s tech. Using compact Gas Turbine’s in combination with advanced Lithium Composite battery’s using Carbon Nano Tube anodes to power such a platform providing Jet propulsion and mechanical drive force for Hydraulics that would then act as the mane driving force fore Mechanical actuation of limbs like a modern front loader but cooler.

    Using a node of I would think about 6 IBM Celli8 dual Cell Server Rack Blades combined with a Communications relay system and advance panoramic optical and thermal scenery systems, feeding the panoramic cockpit screens using flexible Bio Luminescent Bio-LED screens and a Heads up display that provide system information and targeting information like those being developed for the USAF’s F-22A Raptor and the new Sukhois Su-47 Berkut. A combination of controls in the cockpit like those in a modern Jet Fighter, and neural processing links(Head gear that can be used to interpret brain waves and nerve impulse’s) would allow more then enough control given to how fine we could tune the mechanics of the unit. The Mobil suit will no doubt be made of Carbon Carbon framework with Boron Carbide plating around vital points, and a Kevlar weaved mesh around the cockpit. The mobility will be limited but fine tuning and more advance propulsion perhaps a fully Electric system if the frame and armor proved to by light enough.

    We will not see Gundams like those of G Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED, or Gundam 00 to name a few, but May be something along the lines of a Basic Mobil suit like a GM or a Zaku from the UC0079’s One Year War.

    Only a few things are missing from the tech used in many of the Mobil Suits such as…
    ..Suits running Fusion Reactors else Compact Fission plants.
    ..New Type, Bio New Type, Coordinators, Bio Computers, Super Pilots of any type.
    ..Metals that are light as Aluminum or Titanium but stronger then Chobham Armor on an M1A2 Abrams Mane Battle Tank.(Liquid Metal or what could be called Glassed Metals are under development that is 50% to 80% more durable then any of its chemical parts in normal form, allowing a ball bearing to rebound off them like a bouncy ball instead of denting or absorbing the force)

    I would gladly state that by 2020 a Mobil suit with no external power source could be on the battle fielded or perhaps used like Pat Labor mecha for construction.

    PS. No Laser’s can be fitted as Chemical systems are very large and toxic, and Electrical Lasers are also very high power demand along with Rail Guns; so think along the lines of conventional Guns plus Missiles and weapons like the Metal Storm System.

  35. PS:
    I feel the Mobil weapons would be more like those in the older Armored Core games AC1-2 using small 20″ not 60″ mecha running a central Turbine power plant and using electronic actuators and conventional ordinance to allow for fast but steady combat. Else as said befor like a Front Mission Wanzer suit using a conventional track ore wheeled propulsion system to allow for rapid ground movement like a Heavy Gears.
    I love Gundam Anime and have every show and also own or have owned every major Big Robot game including every Armored Core, Front Mission 3 and 4 as 1-2 never hit the US to my knowledge, all the Mech Warrior/Commander/Assault games, and more.

    I also posses Degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and Chemistry. I like many some of you have been pushed into a life path by my love of Big Ass Robots, and I like few of you have the know how to actually make it a reality.

  36. “realistic one Says:

    that piece of shit can move?”

    Of course not you idiot, we don’t even have the technology to build giant robots.

  37. Oh, be real. Even if you otakus love anime so much, you shouldn’t be happy that real Gundam robots are being made. World War 3 will come because of it. And anyway, not many will be made so do you even think you have the chance to use one? Or is it that you would like to be killed by a Gundam. AND TO EVERYONE OUT THERE, I HEREBY DECLARE I HAVE A STRONG HATE FOR MECHA ANIMES THAT WAS TRIGGERED BY GUNDAM FOR SUCKING SO MUCH.

  38. Are you alien or what?? Declare war to yourself…, Think other way’ doom days earth will be crash by a large meteor’ maybe gundam can be useful, count the possibbility =_=

  39. Ok… It looks cool for the fans and might become a reality. Also, it might become an asset in future use.

    (Since we are going outside the planet, we might encounter aliens and the like. Just guessing though).

    However, there are a couple of questions that bug me…

    Will the suit be able to do the stylish moves like in the anime?
    Will the suit follow the necessary action the pilot wishes to do?
    Will it even move or fly?

    and lastly~~~~~~


    (If they are going to use nuclear fission reactors… I don’t know what will happen if it’s gonna explode….)

  40. I might not be a veteran on these mechs and their specs but here’s my opinion

    Ok… It looks cool for the fans and might become a reality due to it’s popularity. Also, it might become an asset in future use.
    Since we are going outside the planet, we might encounter aliens and the like. These mechs are our best chance in fighting them (but I still doubt it though, Just making wild guesses). If not in outer space, It’ll definitely be a good invention in search-and-rescue missions.

    However, there are a couple of questions that bug me…

    (4#)Will the suit be able to do the stylish moves like in the anime?

    (3#)Will the suit follow the necessary action the pilot wishes to do?

    (2#)Will it even move or fly?

    and lastly~~~~~~


    (If they are going to use nuclear fission reactors… I don’t know what will happen if it’s gonna explode. Also, the latest robotics are still somewhat “stone age” compared to the anime.)

  41. correct and to pilot one you must have skill and be able to finish a mission I have herd that there going to test them with the actal game sick. May be I’ll see all of you guys on the battle feild maybe we can do the sort a kira, athran, shinn battle thing . If they do make it I wonder how long it will take for the other area to get some. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to stop wars these gundam will benifit our lives they will probably stop wars. Actualy who care lets just stop wars a become more of freinds and team mates I’ll become a pilot to stop war I’v hade enough of them.

  42. nyaaaa~ i just love gundams, and i’m addicted to the gundam00 series….

    but it’s true. they built parts of it in japan, and i heard that IT WORKS. and if they actually suceed making them, i think that we should shove the anime series in their faces and go spazz about how it would start WW III. but then again, WWIII would probably start even without gundams lol. but if they actually build a complete one, then i would probably pilot it~ hehe~

    so stop spazzing about how it would never come true. cuz it will. lmao.

    final word: gundams are just freakin’ awesome. and if you hate it………..why the hell are you even reading this?????????



  43. Well~
    Since the peace between giant nations are seemingly stable~ But not all minds think alike~ It can be dangerous~ It can be beneficial~

    Think~ If u can make one~
    On the community field~ Those manual workers can do work of mining, saving operation, constructions, and other things~
    On the military faction~ These can be used upon the terrorist~ These can reduce casualties of flesh living humans since the pilot is hiding inside a box of armor or they can use autopilot~

    Since the beneficial is nice~ The worst thing could happen that is another human thought of selling these to the terrorist or war zone nation~ Or stolen by some warmongers~

    Since i am a human with body limitations~ My six sense are higher~ so these can be nice to be used~ Plus, it can realize my dream of being a soldier~ I don’t protect my nation, Only my family~

    For the power output~ They should think of solar generator, electromagnetic generator, or a Hydro generator~ Since it doesn’t possess any threat of bio terror, and it can prove safety of units that are not severely shoot down or damage~

  44. Man, I wish they could do the same with the Valkyries from the Macross series. (Sigh)

    BTW, I thought that mobile suits were supposed to be a little bigger.

  45. Gundam is a better idea for defense not to war. Because it would be a chaos every where and also can destroy our planet if there are a lot of Gundam out there. Where do we live then???

  46. yeh gunam haters this is not a page for you and AkaMitsuki you better hope they make 2 gundams because there is no way in hell that your going to pilot a gundam before me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Well, due to its aerodynamic shape, I guess that it cant beat those speedy warplanes..due to its biped mobility (thus having dynamic balancing control issue), it cant have heavy armour plus weaponry compared to wartanks..

    Having a mecha suit sounds cool within our science fiction world..but sadly it’s beyond our realistic world..

  48. correct but in time like 2020 they probably have worked around that problem hell they probably will make it a wohle lot better and faster if we a guy with a big brain like inestyne(I think I spelt it wrong) but in our time then we will be a planet of war (IF YOU SEE HIM KILL HIM OR PUY HIM IN A TRAILER FOR 10 YEARS ITS US OR HIM (I SPEACK FOR ALL OF US THAT HE SOULD GO))

  49. i loved these things but the truth is they would more likly be controlled by a suite that was almost an expansion of ur boddy. But in all honesty they would be a very huge target in actual battel. they would not be fast enough in the air to take down modern AA jet fighters (F22). Also any engine powerful enough to get them off the ground would be a huge thermal sig. so unless used in outer space they would have more comercial use than battel use such as in construction or better yet disaster situations, earth quakes, collapsd buildings, and Katrina could have used one big time that sort of struff

  50. correct but with enough training it will be easy as! and they would be fast maybe not now but in time they will be every thing they are in the show the only problem is power sorce

  51. Honestly, With our mainframe teck, we could design one Gm or maybe even a Zaku. They where by all means the front lines Mechs in almost every series. Though I do have to say though that using solar power for the engines and output thursters will not work. If you take alook at how much soral powers pannals it takes to power anything, the only thing you would have would be a walking (Not running nor flying) box of shining pannals. I am not trying to dis the solar powered idea but as for weapons, you might beable to blind the enemy.

    Hydro power could work, but with a few major problums. Look at Heavy Arms for example, (One of my Favorties). You would have a suit that could have more areas of the body then he had weapons on him. More hoses and pannals then a moderned day Car/Truck.

    To be honest i don’t think we could get very far into making a version of any real gundam. Macross at this time and with our knowledge would never come to be.

    Sinerly Kieslo Darkmoon

  52. you clowns!, as much as i love all the gundam series(of course not including SD series) truth of the matter is that this is all fantasy. It would be a huge waste of time and money to even research how to make a functioning gundam because it is so much easier to mass produce tanks/jet planes,etc. The closest we would ever get to anything from the anime would be something along the lines of a MA(mobile armour) Even then to produce this would be a waste of money,time and research because like i mentioned before it would be that much easier to just use what we have considering aside from looks, the production of a MS or MA would be a waste because their functions would not be any different from vehicles/weapons we use in modern times.

  53. P.S.
    This is not to say that if i had the money and technology to do so that i wouldn’t make it just for the hell of it. Just to flex or show off to other countries and maybe scare the hell out of them and have them think we’ve developed something far superior then there vehicle/weapons even though in fact this would be no different than that of a tank. Downfall would be that we may start an arms race again and i’m pretty sure chances are japan/china would far exceed USA in this race.

  54. Things such as this make me wish I where born 100 years from now.. So that I may experience being a Gundam pilot, it would be more epic than every breath I take.. For it would be more precious than life itself, to be able to don the armor of God. I would be without a doubt, the most skilled Gundam pilot the world would have ever seen.. My name would go down in history, my battles that of legends.. Too bad I’m already 26, I grew up from nintendo to ps3. From cartoon to anime, wishing I where either born a few hundred years ago to be a true soldier armed with only that of a sword. Instead my life was destined for another purpose in this era, that which I was fated for still a mystery.. Damn you guys for not building this thing sooner…


  55. Wow.. If the Gundams were made… I dunno.. Well.. It’ll be cool if the dragoon systems will work..

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