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Trying to get my marking results finalised. I taught a unit this semester where all assessments were submitted online. I basically did not even look at the final two assessments until after I submitted the PhD. I first finished off the marking for the third assessment in my other unit (four tutotials, 90 students). Now I am faced with a really bad situation where some good students have not submitted their work properly, but it is too late to chase up before the marks are due in. Online submission of assessments would be great if there were no hassles. For this unit I also have about 90 students in four tutorials, and out of the 180 or so assessments I am meant to have, I am missing about 20.

General rules for online submission:

1) Full name and student number as file name.
2) Only submit .doc or .rtf files. NEVER submit .wps or the new .docx files. Microsoft thinks it has released a convertor to be able to read the files, but I can’t seem to make it work.
3) If you cannot submit online through the proper submission process for some reason then email the assignment to your tutor.

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  1. N grade if there is some drama with the online submission process. Really I am being far too nice. If they don’t submit it properly (when others did) then that is their problem, and they should fail. It is a bit like as if 20 students all had cars that broke down on the way to dropping off the assignment, not just once, but three times in a row for some of them. At a certain point you just have to say, catch the fucking bus!

    They need to be finished by tomorrow. Two and a half classes to go.

    As dangerous as a midnight coffee time.

    I won’t have had my beauty sleep for the workshoppe tomorrow, that is for sure…

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