phallic appetition

So I have finished the final draft of the essay for the art exhibition catalogue. It is for Swedish artist Karl Tuikkanen. I am awaiting to hear what he thinks!

Here is the final draft of the essay: phallic appetition. I use the ‘money shot’ to think about the relation between gender (derived from the quasi-Deleuzian Zizekian reading of the phallus) and what Whitehead calls ‘appetition‘ to develop a notion of ‘phallic appetition’. Thanks to Nina over at Infinite Thought for helping me out with some initial thoughts on the ‘money shot’.

The concepts used and argument developed in the brief essay are pretty ‘hard core’ (lol!!), but I think this is what Karl was after. Comments and critiques welcome.

Please note this is very much still a draft however, and depending on Karl’s comments I may actually delete this post and repost another version of the essay.

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  1. Hi Glen, I don’t think Zizek and Butler are at all compatible on this issue. If you want to look at Zizek’s side of the argument I’d check out the section on ‘phallocentrism’ at the end of The Metastases of Enjoyment.

  2. oh, i was trying to hold together the contradictions!

    seriously though i reference zizek only because of his work linking the ‘phallus’ to the ‘dark precursor’ in _OwB_; hence, quasi-deleuzian. so zizek on phallus as a way to link phallus to dark precursor, ie differentiator and eternal return (of difference), gender relations differentially repeated, then heterosexual melancholia and non-correspondence of real to symbolic in butler to indicate repetition of melancholic trace in the differentiating-phallus as event. i was thinking agamben here (from Stanzas) on commodity and melancholia but did not include it…

    admittedly, i have only read enough of zizek to get some understanding of his deleuze-is-a-closet-hegelian reworking of badiou’s argument. reading kant (on enthusiasm and lyotard on kantian enthusiasm) helped me understand the difference in post-kantianisms between zizek’s position and that developed by deleuze. i shall try to find The Metastases of Enjoyment, google books unfortunately does not include the two pages i think you are referring to. You don’t happen to have a scan of those pages do you? 😉

  3. don’t have a scanner but can lend if you can’t get it. I think you’d like it as Zizek here as he sides with Deleuze contra Bulter(not that I understand Deleuze!). I think the problem with Bulter is she relies too literally on Freud’s orginal (and fairly crappy) account of the phallus in terms of hetrosexual object choice and then she conflates this with latter Lacan. Tim Dean has a great essay called ‘Bodies that Mutter’ which argues that there is little evidence that Bulter has even read any Lacan.

  4. lol bodies that mutter

    butler certainly is problematic in her concept of ‘identification’ that is far too orientated to subject-object relations, as determined by a subjectivist desire and the ‘phallus’ as symbolic object. I can see the utility in her work for a politics of identity and neo-freudian conception of the object-relation movements of homosexual and heterosexual desire in the development of the ego.

    However, there is no sense of the future anterior (and this is obvious if the subjects or objects in subject-object relations are given as given). This is the central purpose of my essay to think the tension within the event of the quasi-cause of the pure event (the element of deleuze’s work that zizek isolates as belonging to a ‘hegelian’ ideality) and the linear causality and affectivity of bodies and the mixture of bodies, all in the context of masculinity. So the individuation of elements within gendered events, that produce gendered subject-object relations sure, but not gendered subjects as such.

    The ‘symbolic’ in my essay is also not the structuralist cultural anthropology version that I think butler is using (phallus-object as symbolic representation of penis-object), but more in line with deleuze’s sympathetic intervention in the essay “how do we recognise structuralism?” where he basically describes ‘structure’ as a virtual architecture of singularities:
    “a system of differential relations according to which the symbolic elements determine themselves reciprocally, and a system of singularities corresponding to those relations and tracing the space of the structure”
    Zizek references this essay approvingly in his _OwB_ and other bits and pieces floating around the net, ie at

    i think i can get zizek’s book from work when i get back to sydney.

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