Foucault Beyond Foucault

Just picked up a new book out on Foucault by Jeffery T. Nealon, Foucault Beyond Foucault (published this year). More on this later, but the first 20 odd pages I have read at work so far look promising. (We have a very similar view of Foucault 2.0 by Eric Paras.) The third chapter, “Genealogies of Capitalism: Foucault, with Deleuze and Jameson” looks very interesting!

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  1. Heh. He’s written some stuff on Derrida too. I had a bit of a go at him in my thesis, but only in the “95% of what he says is good, so it’s worth picking him up on the other 5%” kind of way.

    give us a report when you finish.


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