I seem to be doing a lot of rushing about without getting much done at the moment.

We have moved into our new digs in Annandale. The place is almost set up. House warming BBQ some time soon.

My parents were over last week for my graduation. They were quite ill most their stay, which was unfortunate. We went out to dinner a few times and they got to see the new place.

I have done none of my own work over the last month. This is starting to annoy me. I think if I don’t secure some sort of academic job, then I shall forsake academia for some other industry. As I have previously written, I don’t think I need an academic job to produce my next series of publications. I just need money for rent and what not. Anyway, there are a few jobs (and a fellowship) I am applying for. Maybe something will pay off…

I need to get back into a rhythm so as to start writing properly again.