McKenzie Wark speaking @ UNSW

McKenzie Wark
Associate Professor of Media Studies, Eugene Lang College and the New School for Social Research, New York
How did the critical theory of media become hypocritical theory? On the one hand, critical theory has become a mandarin exercise, concerned only with the past. On the other, developments in new media receive mostly enthusiastic endorsements and the talk is mostly tips for how to use the ‘tools’. In this presentation McKenzie Wark tries to reconnect the broader critical focus of media theory with everyday and contemporary questions. He will discuss work he has published in three recent books, A Hacker Manifesto (Harvard 2004), Gamer Theory (Harvard 2007) and 50 Years of Recuperation (Princeton 2008). He will examine both the theory and the practice of critical media studies.

DATE Friday, 25 July
TIME 4 – 6 pm
LOCATION University of New South Wales Robert Webster Building M15 Room 327 (Theatre)