Article beta testers?

I have basically finished an article based on my PhD research. Most other articles I have published have not actually been based on my PhD, but have emerged on the side. My academic work, especially my PhD, is nothing like my blog writing.

There is about 200 more words or so to chop out to reach the 8000 word magic limit that most journals seem to want.

EDIT 20/08/08: AWAY! It is submitted to a journal! (And loaded onto my university’s online student interface for my classes! They will gleefully point out any errors…)

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  1. Book is being worked on! However, it is a trade publication for the general market of car enthusiasts, rather than an academic text. This book would be extremely popular.

    Part of the joy of rewriting the diss material for this article was getting back in the swing of things. Post-PhD depression hit me hard, and writing this article helped me recover some element of enjoyment.

    I needed an article for the course I am teaching this semester, too. My co-convener literally demanded some writing from me for the course! I agree with him that it is important for students to see that those teaching actually do research and writing of their own. It will be an awesome experience to talk about this stuff with the 180 or so students I have in my classes. So far I have discussed the content of my dissertation in any depth with a maximum of about 3 or 4 people.

    Lastly, I am following the advice of one examiner who suggested I needed to get work published ASAP. The examiner has marked over 200 dissertations. This is an ultra condensed version of one argument in my diss. There are at least 2 or 3 other main arguments in the diss that would be worthy of stand alone articles in terms of evidence/importance. These are something like:

    1) The enthusiast habitus and the event of enthusiasm
    2) Popular archives and 1970s Australian modified-car culture
    3) The rise of the imports: Identity and technology in Australian modified-car culture

  2. hi glen
    re hooning, when you try to advise governments about driver education, do you contact the WA govt and have you tried to suggest anything to the Perth Motorplex (where they have speedway and drag racing). I’m researching for a doco and would really appreciate hearing from you, your phone no. for example, so i can call you. thanks. Robyn

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