Spore — Is there an end? [edit: spoilers]

Regarding the new game, does anyone know if there is an end to Spore or what? It is starting to seriously annoy me. I hate games that don’t end except if they exhaust a player’s interest. I have reached the highest level in the space stage and it doesn’t seem like I am meant to do anything except more suicide runs to the centre of the galaxy.

Edit: Stephen Totilo of MTV’s Multiplayer blog asks the existential question posed by a ‘sandbox’ game where an ‘end’ essentially meaningless:

But in Space Stage, the supposed end of “Spore,” the player is essentially re-asked to examine their reason to care about the game. Will you be amused by being a galactic wanderer? Will you be frightened to have so many gameplay interactions to manage? Do you want to play this thing or look at this thing?

Of course, this general question can be asked of all video games. Australian rock band, Regurgitator, put it best in musical form :

EDIT: Here is one account of the end of Spore:

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You make it through the Grox, I presume either by killing, diplomacy, or running. I ran. You go into a bright light and hear a “narrator” voice who tells you how great you did and how you earned your place here and generic things about the cosmos…. the voice turns out to be a small silver and pink space craft with a horn coming out if it who gives you a terraforming tool and tells you to come to a time sharing presentation if you ever find earth.

And here is a youtube video:

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  1. Theres not really an end, its more like a godly easter egg once you reach the center of the universe. Most people call it an end, but seriously, “more like a godly easter egg.”

    I don’t want to spoil it for you. But seriously, go for it. It’s worth the trouble.

  2. It would be good if you could visit the “other worlds” that steve mentions in the galactic core.

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