student feedback v2.0

I am not sure about the protocol for this, probably not that ‘professional’, but I am not that professional anyway (allegedly). Considering I post the worst of my feedback I think it is only appropriate to post something from the other end of the spectrum. The below is an email a student sent me and I have removed her name. I feel happy to have had some really good students who understand they need to mobilise their own enthusiasm for intellectual and scholarly development to achieve their best.

I just wanted to take some time and e-mail you to say thanks for a great (l33t) semester in Consumer Culture. It truly has been a great subject, and I really enjoyed researching and writing my assessments, which makes the semester that much better.

I’m sad that I won’t be seeing you around next year, I guess after having taken three classes with you over the last couple of years your classes have become a large part of my definition of ‘uni time’, and are classes that I think I have become so comfortable in that it started to feel like a group of friends rather than a lecture and listen session.

I have taken a lot from your teaching methods… which I think in my first class with you (English, Text and Writing) was very different to the experiences I’d had with other tutors.. but the more classes I took with you (Contemp. Pop. Cultures & Consumer Culture), the more I realised that you invest your interest in students that invest interest in their own work -and that is just fantastic, and helped me realise that the more interest I invest in my work the better quality work I will produce. Most of all though your classes were FUN, and with some topics that could inititiate argument, you kept thinkgs light and energitic. I think that UWS really needs more tutors like youself Glen.

Having said all that though, I wish you all the best in your new job with those Ford Magazines, I guess with a car-fanatic boyfriend I might see your name here and there quite often?

I am still awaiting the official feedback from the university, but I am stoked to have had some of this more personal feedback.

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  1. This email just shows how the Universities are missing out on such a talented and inspiring young man. I am sure there are other students who have similar feelings and experiences as a result of their interaction with you. The change in career will give you the opportunity to publish your research and to broaden your experences and writings.

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